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The reason is simple, comfort. When you stay in a hotel, especially an extended stay hotel, it has a feeling of sterility. With our furnished rentals, you are actually staying at someone's property, someone's home and someone cares about that home and makes it as comfortable as possible for themselves and this means for you as well!

Furnished rentals are sometimes referred to as long term vacation rentals or extended stay rentals but they are all describing the same thing, private residences provided as rentals to long term renters. Long term can actually be as short as a couple of months or as long as a couple of years but typically we provide furnished rentals to renters who are interested in 3 months or less. While a hotel does have perks like daily maid service and room service, many extended stay hotels have very simple kitchens, often with only a hot plate. Not the case with our furnished rentals, every one comes with a complete kitchen, many with significantly luxurious amenities like wide screen HD TVs, spectacular views and in house laundry facilities. It doesn't seem that in house laundry could be a significant luxury but believe me, after a month of living out of a suitcase in hotels, having the ability to wash your clothes without having to leave the comfort of your accommodations sure is luxurious.

Now it comes down to why trust a furnished rental over a hotel. It is true that the hotel has a front desk and maid service but with BC Furnished Rentals, we have our Guest Services Department and a large staff of cleaners. You are able to get additional cleaning services if you wish with daily or weekly cleaning but your rental comes with one free clean every month. It is also true that hotels provide a cancellation policy that we cannot beat since the property you would be renting has to be removed from the rental market from the moment you make a deposit but the hotel can simply return the room to it's pool of availability without any significant losses. Our cancellation policy is a lot more strict than a hotel, so this can be a downside if you are not able to book in advance and are not convinced you will not need to cancel.

The only other difference between an extended stay hotel and our listings at BC Furnished Rentals would be the trust factor of knowing that the hotel is a bricks and mortar location and the listings on our site could possibly be incorrect, out of date or even fake. We understand this drawback to our position which is why all of our furnished rentals are inspected by a member of our staff and carry a Verified Property seal. What this means is that not only have we been there, we have also confirmed that the amenities that are listed on our web site are in fact available in the unit. We have done a check to ensure that the person listing the property for rent actually is on title as the owner. We sign a very lengthily contract with the owner to ensure that they honour not only the bookings but the upkeep of the property and lastly, we would be happy to send someone around with you to open some doors so you can see some of our rentals for yourself. To top this all off, we are fully licensed with the BC Provincial Government's Consumer Protection Branch. What this means is that if there should be

Next time, don't stay at an extended stay hotel, choose a furnished rental. Find what you are looking for on your next visit to British Columbia. Find it at BC Furnished Rentals.

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